Bobby Fulton Comic Biography

Inverse Comics offers a biography of Bobby Fulton — not a wrestler I have heard of, and by the end of this first issue, I can see why — my wrestling consciousness starts with the AWA and WWE, and Fulton signed to the Stampede promotion in Alberta at the end of this comic.

This is the first comic in the Inverse series to address religion and wrestling — the scene is worth noting here.

For many wrestling fans of the eighties, wrestling was network TV on Fridays or Saturdays [the Main Event, on NBC].  But for those who watched wrestling on syndicated TV, wrestling was on when the local stations could make it fit.  That might include Sunday afternoons…  This scene was fun to read.

I’ve been working my way through the Inverse Comics catalog, and for the first time, I find the art not just “working,” telling the story, but absolutely innovative.  In the next two pages, we see a child watching wrestling, and the image is magic — the color is muted, like the TVs we watched wrestling on, in the syndicated era.  And, we see a novice wrestler, on fire in the ring.

Honestly, I don’t feel a connection to the wrestler or to the writing in this issue, but the art makes it worth a look.

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