Before Shoot Interviews: Wade Keller–Part 1

Wade Keller in front of painting of Verne Gagne

Wade Keller had been editing and publishing the Pro Wrestling Torch from a Minneapolis suburb for four years at the time of this 1991 interview. Keller started his newsletter as a high school student and featured interviews along with news.  Although there are a variety of sources for “insider” pro wrestling news today, in the … Read more Before Shoot Interviews: Wade Keller–Part 1


CALL FOR PAPERS: Anthology on Wrestling in the Pandemic Health, Illness, and Injury in Professional Wrestling: A Special Section of a forthcoming issue of Survive and Thrive Professional Wrestling Studies Journal Vol. 4 Wrestling in the Pandemic  Editors: Lowery Woodall, Jessica Fontaine, and CarrieLynn D. Reinhard On April 9, 2020, in the early days of … Read more CALLS FOR PAPERS

PWSA Meet and Greet: David S. Moon

What is your area of study/research? I’m Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Bath. My study/research agenda is broadly split into two strands that frequently overlap. The first focuses on UK politics, in particularly in Wales and relating to the Labour Party more generally. The second focuses on ideological contestation, hegemonic struggles, and … Read more PWSA Meet and Greet: David S. Moon