Christopher A. Medjesky

18670821_832898200194202_2849169867509991922_nChristopher A. Medjesky is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH. He goes by Kit Medjesky in his personal life, and adopted the wrestling name Mauler Medjesky when he was 12. He will respond to any of the above.

Medjesky received his Ph.D. in Media & Communication from Bowling Green State University, where he studied under Michael Butterworth—an all around great guy who happens to hate wrestling (go figure). He hold an M.A. in Communication from Indiana State University, and earned a B.S. from Westminster College (the real one in Pennsylvania) in mathematics and physics.

Medjesky research has focused in recent years on the rhetoric of interactive media as well as humor. After a series of studies into rape humor burnt (and bummed) him out, he is making a scholarly turn into establishing professional wrestling as a legitimate area of study.

Medjesky was lucky enough to be a young boy during the Hogan era and a teenager in the Attitude Era, making professional wrestling a key marker of his childhood and identity. His favorite wrestler is and has always been Jericho, although he is from Pittsburgh so Kurt Angle is obviously number 2.

18767892_839452699538752_5884786942358691877_nMedjesky has a wife too pretty for him and two boys too handsome to be his. He also has a dog named Hogan, which he some what regrets naming him after the 2015 stuff.

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Twitter: @medjesky

Professional Wrestling Studies Contributions


Recent Scholarship


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