11:00-11:40: Critiquing Matches

Featuring Alan Counihan (Pro Wrestling Torch), Tyler McDowell-Blanken (Gimmick Infringement), and Phil Schneider (The Way of the Blade).

In this roundtable discussion moderated by Lee Benaka, three pro wrestling enthusiasts will discuss what has motivated them to analyze and critique wrestling matches over the past couple of decades, common characteristics of “good” and “bad” matches, their favorite matches (and why), and other topics.


Tyler McDowell-Blanken is co-host of Gimmick Infringement, a weekly professional wrestling-based podcast of the 19 Media Group. Tyler’s fandom began during his childhood while watching the Monday Night Wars and putting fellow neighborhood kids in Scorpion Death Locks.

Phil Schneider is a co-founder of the Death Valley Driver Video Review, a writer on the Segunda Caida blog, host of The Way of the Blade podcast, and author of Way of the Blade: 100 of the Greatest Bloody Matches in Wrestling History. He also writes a weekly pro-wrestling column for TheRinger.com.

Alan Counihan started podcasting on the F4W/Wrestling Observer website in 2009 and would stay there until 2018, when he made the move to the Pro Wrestling Torch.  During that time, Counihan wrote extensively for Fighting Spirit Magazine and from 2015 to 2019 was the primary English-language commentator for the German wXw promotion.

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