Before Shoot Interviews: Marc Mero

Johnny B. Badd posing in pink and blue trunks

“A cross between Little Richard and Muhammad Ali” is how Marc Mero, better known as Johnny B. Badd, described himself in 1992 when I talked to him. The description was quite apt for the muscular, tanned wrestler who wore lipstick, rouge, and skimpy wrestling tights. Mero was a newcomer to wrestling in 1992 but off … Read more Before Shoot Interviews: Marc Mero

War Games Revisited

My first encounter with a War Games match came back in the early nineties.  I can remember it well, even after all these years. I’d ensconced myself in the little attic bedroom at the top of the house, gathered around me a generous supply of feasting materials, and settled down to watch something new and … Read more War Games Revisited

The Pop Culture Lens on Prowrestling

The Pop Culture Lens is co-hosted by PWSA contributors CarrieLynn Reinhard and Christopher Olson. The podcast looks as past pop culture texts using different theoretical lens to discuss the text and its relevance. The podcast tries to translate academic concepts and theories into language everyone can understand and appreciate.


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