Who We Are

This site houses the Professional Wrestling Studies Association, an organization whose Constitution and By-Laws were formally adopted in 2018. Our purpose is to bring together scholars, bloggers, journalists, fans, wrestling insiders, and other professionals from around the world to discuss, analyze, and critique different aspects of professional wrestling.

The PWSA publishes two online publications: PWSA Ringside, an e-zine intended for a smart, general readership; and the Professional Wrestling Studies Journal, an online, peer-reviewed academic journal. Both publications welcome article submissions on the past, present, and/or future professional wrestling related phenomena: wrestlers, federations, social media use, fans, and more. See the submission guidelines for each publication.

Also on this site, you will find information about WrestlePosium, an annual online symposium during WrestleMania week that brings wrestling scholars, journalists, professionals, and fans together to present and discuss their ideas about the past, present, and future state of professional wrestling.

If you would like to get involved in the PWSA, please email prowrestlingstudies@gmail.com.

Many thanks to Mario Dozal for his design work for the PWSA on this website and the PWSJ.