This site houses the newly formed Professional Wrestling Studies Association. Our purpose is to bring together scholars and fans from around the world to discuss, analyze, and critique different aspects of professional wrestling. Interested in contributing and learning more? Reach out!

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About the PWSA

The PWSA is a community of academics, bloggers, journalists, fans, wrestling insiders, and other professionals who study, analyze, discus, and write about professional wrestling.  


PWSA Ringside

PWSA Ringside is an online magazine that publishes smart articles about professional wrestling intended for a broad, general readership. Written by scholars, fans, and wrestling practitioners, PWSA Ringside content offers insightful analysis of professional wrestling beyond the scope of standard wrestling blogs.


Professional Wrestling Studies Journal

Published on a yearly basis, PWSJ is a peer-reviewed, online, academic journal that publishes scholarly work from any theoretical and methodological lens that is rigorous, insightful, and expands our audience’s understanding of professional wrestling past or present.


Watch All Presentations from WrestlePosium V!!


WrestlePosium is PWSA’s virtual symposium where interdisciplinary academics, scholars, and practitioners gathered to present valuable research about various areas of pro wrestling. WrestlePosium V took place on April 13, 2024. Watch and read more about the presentations given! 

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