PWSJ Volume 3 — Kayfabe: Working Theories

Front Matter
"Toward a Work-Shoot Approach to Kayfabe in Professional Wrestling by Jessica Fontaine, Eero Laine, and Michael J. Altman
"Work, Kayfabe and the Development of Proletarian Culture: Professional Wrestling as Potential Proletkult" by David S. Moon
"The Meta-Fan Era: Examining Kayfabe on UpUpDownDown’s Battle of the Brands" by Carlos Cruz
"Kayfabe and Authenticity: The Challenges of Extending Professional Wrestling Storyworlds to Comics" by Dru Jeffries
"Wrestling with Race: #Kofimania as Social Movement and Kayfabe as Discursive Space" by DiArron M.
"Myth! Allegory! Ekphrasis! Professional Wrestling & the Poetics of Kayfabe" by Marion Wrenn
"Notes on Kayfabe" by Benjamin Litherland
"Response to Benjamin Litherland’s 'Notes on Kayfabe'" by Fiona A. E. McQuarrie
"A Response to Fiona McQuarrie’s Response to Benjamin Litherland’s 'Notes on Kayfabe'” by Benjamin Litherland
"How Do You Learn to Fall Off a 20-Foot Ladder? Exploring Hardcore Professional Wrestling as One of the Last Keepers of Kayfabe" by Nicholas Davidson and Tim Wilson
"Shifting Kayfabe in Hardcore Wrestling and Beyond" by Brooks Oglesby
"Response to 'Shifting Kayfabe in Hardcore Wrestling and Beyond'" by Nicholas Davidson and Tim Wilson
"Defining Kayfabe: A Dialogue Among Pro-Wrestling Professionals and Academics" by CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Christopher A. Medjesky, Aris Emmanouloudis, Terrance Griep, Cory Strode, and Joe Ciupik
End Matter
Professional Wrestling Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1 (2022)