WrestlePosium is an online symposium that uses a video conferencing tool to connect professional wrestling scholars, fans, and professionals around the world in realtime and for free.

This symposium uses the Zoom video conferencing platform to serve as the virtual meeting space. PWSA will host this meeting space, and all symposium presenters and attendees need to just use the provided log-in information to access this space.

Registration Information

Log-in information will only be given to attendees who register for the symposium. Registration is free and only being collected to manage how many people have access to the virtual meeting space.

Attendees and presenters are not expected to remain in the space for the entire duration of the symposium; however, if we reach audience capacity for the space, you may not be let back in if you log out. 

To register for the upcoming symposium, click here.

Post-Symposium Recordings

Zoom allows us to record the video feed from the symposium, and we will edit that feed into separate videos for the different discussions throughout the symposium. Editing will be minimal so as to retain the full presentation and will be available as soon as possible after the symposium.

If you cannot attend the online symposium via Zoom, or you experience technical problems while attending, then you will be able to watch the videos of the presentations and keynotes via our YouTube channel