Hacksaw Jim Duggan Comic Biography

This comic biography of Hacksaw Jim Duggan begins “in medias res” — “into the middle of things,” in a Royal Rumble.

Like many mythical births, Hacksaw Jim Duggan was born special.  Consider the baby years of Paul Bunyan:

Now I hear tell that Paul Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine. It took five giant storks to deliver Paul to his parents. His first bed was a lumber wagon pulled by a team of horses. His father had to drive the wagon up to the top of Maine and back whenever he wanted to rock the baby to sleep.

As a newborn, Paul Bunyan could hollar so loud he scared all the fish out of the rivers and streams. All the local frogs started wearing earmuffs so they wouldn’t go deaf when Paul screamed for his breakfast. His parents had to milk two dozen cows morning and night to keep his milk bottle full and his mother had to feed him ten barrels of porridge every two hours to keep his stomach from rumbling and knocking the house down.

It’s a bit bigger than life, but not much bigger than imagining Hacksaw Jim Duggan born with his signature whoop in place.


But then, that’s what makes these biography comics fun, not historical drudgery.

The rest of issue one is drudgery, relatively speaking — the story of a promising young football player whose football dreams are squashed.  But this will be a multiple issue series, so I look forward to the rest.



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