Wrestling Facts [1 of 3] excerpts from the Minnesota Historical Society

The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) has a limited collection of issues of Wrestling FactsWrestling Facts was available at the Friday night fights, in the case of this issue, at the National Guard Armory on 6th and Exchange.

Wrestling Facts 1953 LogoWrestling Facts Masthead

If you are curious, partial data about wrestling shows at the St. Paul Armory has been collected here:

Wrestling Data on the Armory

It is a small venue;  even at the height of the regional promotions, this was a small venue.  But reading Wrestling Facts connected two thousand fans to an international community of fans.  For example, Wally Karbo writes the below:

Wally Karbo 1.png

St. Paul holds somewhere around 10% of the attendance of these shows in Montreal, Chicago, Houston — but those Minnesotans are connected to the enthusiasm in those numbers.  12,500 people watched Vern Gagne in Milwaukee — you won’t want to miss him at the Armory.

After all, the purpose of Wrestling Facts was to sell future shows to the audience who had already purchased tonight’s ticket.



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